What is Complicated Reality?

The home page features the Daily Dose of Art. Every day, a new piece of artwork is posted. Usually this is Yamen's art, but occasionally friends and other indie artists are featured.

If you're interested in having your art featured in the Daily Dose, email Yamen.

What is the Daily Dose of Art?

A lot of the art featured on Complicated Reality can be adapted into a variety of print products, from wall art to clothing, home accessories to bedding, and more. When you find artwork that resonates with you, fill out the order form below it. You'll select the product type and specify details like size, then pay and submit the order.

From there, Yamen will design an adaptation of the selected art tailor made to the exact product you ordered. Because each adaptation is designed by hand, you can suggest customizations to make the order even more unique. Add text like your name, tweak the colors, or even mix designs, if you can dream it up, I can try it!

Why Don't You Have A Traditional Storefront?

I strive to keep my business simple and responsible. All my products are made to order, so I minimize waste and avoid storing excess inventory. This lets me keep my focus on creating great new art, and enables my flexible "made to order" process. Because I rely on vendors to help with physical production, I review and vet each vendor to ensure they use fair, safe labor practices following North American standards.

When Will an Order Arrive?

Orders go through three phases. All in all, your product should arrive within about 1 to 4 weeks.

Design - After placing your order, Yamen will design the adaptation within 48 hours. Typically the order then moves immediately into Production.
Production - Once the design is finished, Yamen uploads it to the vendor who fulfills production. Typically production begins within a day or two, but in particularly busy seasons like the holidays, the queue can grow to around two weeks.

Shipping - All shipping is done via standard USPS Priority Express or equivalent. Shipping typically takes 1-3 days, but please allow up to 2 weeks during busy seasons. For international shipping arrangements, please email Yamen.

What is the Returns Policy?

Because each adaptation is made to order, returns and refunds are only accepted in the case of products that arrive defective, broken, or featuring the wrong design, within 7 days of arrival. If this happens to you, please email Yamen to begin the returns request.

How Does This Site Use My Data?

I try to keep the amount of embedded scripts to a minimum, but my site can collect data though the following means. Please enable script-blocking if you'd prefer not to be tracked by third parties, but note that the Prints Order Form may need to be whitelisted to function properly.

If you submit an order, I will receive information about your purchase including your name, contact details, and shipping address. This information is securely relayed to me through the form service Paperform. I will NOT have access to your payment details such as your card numbers or security code, those are securely processed by my payment vendor, Stripe. I do not sell or lease copies of my orders database to third-party marketing tools, but I do archive the orders privately on Google via Gmail and Google Docs.

Currently I do not engage in email promotion. If you opt-in to subscribe to my newsletter, I will retain your email address in a mailing list to be used for future promotions. I will not sell this mailing list to third-parties, but I may utilize third-parties to process and access it for the purposes of sending out the newsletter. I respect your inbox, and will send no more than 2 promotional emails per week. If you'd like to be removed from the newsletter mailing list, send Yamen an email or click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the most recent Complicated Reality email in your inbox.

My site utilizes a standard tracking pixel from Google. This helps me analyze the traffic to my site, but also lets Google detect that you are visiting my site. Please enable a script-blocker if you'd prefer to use the site without this tracking, but note that doing so may interfere with the Order form. I do not have Facebook tracking implemented at this time, but using the "Post to Facebook" link will naturally expose your visit to Facebook, similar to the other sharing links.