About Complicated Reality

Art in the Time of Machines

I trick computers into making art.

In late 2017, the creative spirit I'd buried under a decade of depression came bursting to the forefront, demanding I find a way to put it to use. My hands are trained on keyboards and trackballs more than pens and paintbrushes, so I played to my strengths and dove into the wide world of digital art production. It wasn't long before I found the infinite possibilities of fractal art, a realm where my technical skills and my artistic passion combined perfectly.

What began as inspired curiosity quickly flourished into a whole creative catalog, as I began exploring new artistic technologies, experimenting with alternative storytelling formats, and sharing the lessons on mindfulness and strategies for cultivating a creative mindset that I've picked up along the way. Complicated Reality was founded to serve as the creative hub for my endeavors. It has grown and changed alongside me over the years, but it's always a place to see what's occupying my mind.

As an independent artist and writer, I'm always looking for new opportunities and collaborations. If my style fits your project, please send me a message so we can work together.