What is Complicated Reality?

Complicated Reality is the home of the creative content of me, Yamen O'Donnell. Originally started as a place to collect stories, it has grown as I've explored new art forms like fractals, neural net renders, puzzle making, and more. While I'm always iterating and finding new features to bring online, I hope my page is a reliable, relaxing, and thought-provoking place to let your mind wander.

Who is Yamen?

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I've grown up surrounded by human creativity and natural splendor in equal measure. An early fascination with computers developed into a lifelong passion for working with digital tools, and I spent the first decade of my adult life working in the trenches of the video game industry. Eventually, I couldn't resist the call to find a way to create and entertain on my own terms, and began a new chapter of my life applying my technical skills in a new artistic direction.

What do you do artistically?

I trick computers into making art, then I write stories and poetry inspired by the designs I produce. We live in an age where computers are empowering creators to push limits and explore new artistic processes at a wild rate, with a global community of creators sharing their progress and knowledge. I hope to show through my art that even the most complicated technical processes still have room to express human creativity. With my writings, I strive to demonstrate a mindful and positive approach to tackling life brain-first, and illustrate just how powerful our minds are as tools for self-improvement. With my puzzles, I aim to encourage genuine creative thought and reward mental persistence to encourage a modern generation to cherish their problem solving capabilities.

Do you take commissions?

Yes! I've created designs for everything from book covers and album art to lighters and festival hoodies, and I'd be happy to discuss working on a project for you. Whether you need a digital image for promotion, or a print-ready file for production, I specialize in using a rapid, iterative design process to hone in on the perfect design. To get an estimate and learn more about my commission schedule, send me an email describing your project's needs and timeline.

Do you sell art?

I do! I've taken a lot of care to build a flexible and ethical production process that reduces waste, ensures quality, and avoids labor abuse. In order to do this, almost all of my products are made to order. This lets me skip the waste and overhead of maintaining a warehouse of unwanted products, instead each product isn't made until you order it. This does mean orders from Complicated Reality can take a little longer to arrive than big corporate stores, but you can take comfort knowing that every step of the production is sourced ethically and paid properly according to North American labor standards.

Once placed, and order enters the production queue. During this short window, an order may be cancelled or altered. Typically within 2 business days (occasionally longer during busy holiday seasons) the order begins physical production. At this point, the order cannot be cancelled or refunded (except for defect, see below). Production takes 1-4 days depending on the product (prints are faster, clothing is slower). Then the order is shipped, usually arriving within 3-5 business days. On average, most customers receive their orders within 2 weeks of placing them, but I ask that you allow up to 30 days for your order to arrive.

How are orders shipped?

All shipping is done via standard USPS Priority Express or equivalent. Shipping typically takes 1-3 days, but please allow up to 2 weeks during busy seasons. For international or rush shipping arrangements, please email Yamen.

What is the Returns Policy?

I put a lot of work into curating and preparing my products, and always strive to produce products you'll genuinely enjoy. Because each product is made to order, returns and refunds are only accepted in the case of products that arrive defective, broken, or featuring the wrong design, within 7 days of arrival. If this happens to you, please email Yamen to begin the returns request. Please understand I can't accept returns for personal taste. If your order arrives and you simply "don't like it" as much as you thought you would, please consider donating it to a local charity organization.

How Does This Site Use My Data?

I try to respect your privacy, and have built the site to minimize the ways that I ask you for information. I do not maintain user accounts, I do not run ads on-site, and I do not sell data about my visitors or customers to any third-party. However, I do use a few common analytics tools to help me understand my audience, and this does expose some details about your visit to parties like Facebook and Google.

My site plays well with most script-blocking tools, for those who prefer to browse that way. The only features that might malfunction are the social share buttons.

For more specific information about the tools I use to monitor traffic, check my Privacy page.

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