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Fractal Art

I primarily work with iterative chaos game renderers to create what are called "flame fractals", based on the FLAM3 rendering algorithm. While they are created with complicated math, I mostly work at a visual level. Over the years, I've developed some intuition about the artistic roles of various mathematical transformations, and I mix them in new ways to see what else I can find. This art is generative in the sense that a machine does a lot of the work, but it is not AI.

You and Me

Video Garden

Fractals are more than a still frame can show you. If you've got the bandwidth, I'd love to show you.

AI Art

I first started feeding fractals into neural networks back in 2018, and I've watched the tech grow from a nerdy fantasy to a market disrupting force. For now, I continue to explore it, transforming my own fractal designs into subjective designs in line with the rest of my work. I don't want to imitate, but I do want to entertain, and these tools give me access to visual imagination in a way my aphantasia never permitted.

For more information about how I use AI tools, check out my AI Disclaimer.


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