Full Body Mind

A meditating monk and a thought about where thinking happens.

A Personal Mythology

A vaporwave monk with wisdom about self-perception.


Two bright blue focal points project a butterfly shaped void in an infinitely detailed fractal webbing.

Sunset Resonator

Three designs with machine-like textures and geometric accents.


An abstract yellow orb shape made out of recursive orange and blue geometric flowers.


A glowing geometric bubble of hexagons on the left emits a beam of simple geometric shapes towards a smaller attractor on the right side, in vivid oranges, bright pinks, and rich purples.

Space Princess

A shimmering purple fractal orb resonates with orange lines of energy, channelled into a focal point on either side.

Sea Signal

A mandala of dots and blocky geometric waves, in blue, orange, and purple.


A brilliant yellow sun with a woven, geometric core emits smaller photons of a similar construction against a wavy blue sky.


Glowing cubes in orange, red, and purple hues stack in impossible ways, cut by a wave of energy through the middle.