The Sigils of Sunnyside

A puzzle adventure I designed for friends in 2022.

Fresh Eyes

A glowing orange orb hovers in a bubble surrounded by a curvy green background cut by a wavy yellow ribbon.

The Fae Courts

A four part series charting the procession of the seasonal courts of the fae.

The Authentication Ritual

A tour of modern technomancy.

Ask Sometimes

There's a special power to learning to speak your desires.

Fire Flock

The firebird flock sets the sky in fire.

Garden Magic, part 1

A young magician hones his craft in secret, but can it last?

Goblin Market

Some notes on the nuances of trading with goblins.

Dancing With Ruberwogs

Ruberwogs are magical dancing creatures. But maybe you shouldn't dance with them?


A spectacular slug shared a surprisingly sincere secret with me.