Full Body Mind

A meditating monk and a thought about where thinking happens.


A glowing geometric bubble of hexagons on the left emits a beam of simple geometric shapes towards a smaller attractor on the right side, in vivid oranges, bright pinks, and rich purples.

You Are Not Your Character Sheet

Words aren't enough to explain you.

Knowing Lots

Ever feel like your head is too full?

A Shortcut Around Executive Paralysis

I had to learn a trick to get past a major motivation blocker. This is what I came up with.

The Universe is Content With You

My thoughts on our role in the universe and how I find meaning in a complicated reality.

The Roller Coaster of Letting Go

Loss, grief, pain, fear. These hard feelings can stick with us for a long time. Letting go isn't easy, but I've learned some tricks.

Look Closer, It's Beautiful

A transformative conversation I had with myself.

A Guide to Managing Tolerance for Medical Cannabis Users

Daily cannabis consumption creates a high tolerance. This guide explains how to figure out a dosing schedule for medicinal users to maintain relief while minimizing tolerance.

The Tree it was Supposed To Be

A tree is a good reminder of the difference between knowledge and right.

How to Fight the Urge to Get High All the Time

A practical, pro-cannabis guide to taking control, taking a break, and taking back the fun of getting high.

The Bandits and The Monks

Two monks travel under threat of bandits in this parable about anxiety.


A spectacular slug shared a surprisingly sincere secret with me.

Why I Kick Rocks

A rock kinda blew my mind once.