Neural Network

Full Body Mind

A meditating monk and a thought about where thinking happens.

A Personal Mythology

A vaporwave monk with wisdom about self-perception.


A golden monk shares a secret about happiness in the neural network render based on a fractal.

The Complicated Line between Art and Artificial

A visual artist's perspective on the oncoming age of generator art.

Sea Signal

A mandala of dots and blocky geometric waves, in blue, orange, and purple.

Deep Mysteries

A lost astronaut analyzes a sample of.. water?

Long Journeys

A lost astronaut scouts the terrain from atop a rocky precipice.

Strange Lands

A lost traveler scouts the dunes of the alien planet she's found herself on.

Smoky Orangefruit

A vivid orange flower bursting against an abstract, smoky background


A bursting purple flower with a drippy aesthetic.

Out Past the Air

A trippy astronaut ponders a cosmic mystery in one of my most popular designs.