Ask Sometimes

There's a special power to learning to speak your desires.

Gorgon's Guest

It must get lonely being a mythical monster. But perhaps there's room for surprises, too.

Rainbow Factories

Clouds are only grey on average.

Knowing Lots

Ever feel like your head is too full?

Fire Flock

The firebird flock sets the sky in fire.

Fresh Freeze

What should we do on a snow day?

Silver Rain

Let me tell you about my favorite kind of rain.

Quarter Life

Do you remember trips to the arcade as a kid?

Look Closer, It's Beautiful

A transformative conversation I had with myself.

Goblin Market

Some notes on the nuances of trading with goblins.

Dancing With Ruberwogs

Ruberwogs are magical dancing creatures. But maybe you shouldn't dance with them?

The Tree it was Supposed To Be

A tree is a good reminder of the difference between knowledge and right.


A spectacular slug shared a surprisingly sincere secret with me.

Why I Kick Rocks

A rock kinda blew my mind once.

Ask a Wizard

Calling all curious minds! Answering questions is my favorite form of magic, so ask whatever is on your mind. Ask about art, ask about storytelling, ask about technology, ask about anxiety, ask about life, ask about magic, ask about love. From the serious to the silly, the practical to the philosophical, the simple to the strange, I'll answer any question asked in good faith.

If you submit a question, you're giving me permission to send you an email in response to it. I will not use the provided email for marketing purposes, or sell it to any third-parties. Please only submit one question per day, if you want to have a more involved conversation, send me an e-mail or find me on Discord.
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