The Mystery of Shaniko, Oregon

A short stop in a tiny town revealed an unforgettable mystery.

Quadruple Jeopardy

Did you see that really strange episode of Jeopardy?

The Authentication Ritual

A tour of modern technomancy.

Special Bits

When the humans are gone, data collection takes on a new meaning.

Garden Magic, part 1

A young magician hones his craft in secret, but can it last?

I Knew a Time Traveler Once, and Sometimes

A story about a friend I sometimes have, and sometimes don't.

Wishlist: A Modern Holiday Tale

Young Martin stumbles across a holiday secret that might ruin Christmas.

The Bandits and The Monks

Two monks travel under threat of bandits in this parable about anxiety.

Ask a Wizard

Calling all curious minds! Answering questions is my favorite form of magic, so ask whatever is on your mind. Ask about art, ask about storytelling, ask about technology, ask about anxiety, ask about life, ask about magic, ask about love. From the serious to the silly, the practical to the philosophical, the simple to the strange, I'll answer any question asked in good faith.

If you submit a question, you're giving me permission to send you an email in response to it. I will not use the provided email for marketing purposes, or sell it to any third-parties. Please only submit one question per day, if you want to have a more involved conversation, send me an e-mail or find me on Discord.
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