two celebrating trumpets

Out in the fringe, there's not a whole lot of reason to actually travel to see someone face to face. Drones could transport goods faster when there wasn't any flesh on board, and signals travelled at light speed. Broadcasts and communication channels, along with decent vir gear made most social interaction a thing of distance. But no amount of vir decorations could quite replace the feeling of being in a group of people celebrating. As such, celebrations became the de facto way to bring fringers together. Even when important in-person business must be conducted, it's always prefaced with a party, carnival, festival, or bonanza. Inventing new reasons to celebrate spurred on a unique niche of performers, artists and daredevils that collected a wage to practice some seemingly impossible feat, simply so a celebration can be called for when they succeed. Rumor has it the launch of Syn Corp was delayed almost two months while their agent broke his leg while crossing a local mountain on pogo stilts.