Conflux of Color

A layered, abstract pattern of rainbow tiles


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Save the bickering over additive or subtractive,

bringing colors together is something I find attractive.

Sometimes you can't know a color's character all alone,

you find its beauty when you set it next to another tone.

Or a blend, or a pattern, or a subtle gradient,

a transition in composition makes loving it from hating it.

So tell your blues to dance with oranges, greens and yellows too

tell red to get in bed with gold and certain purple shades and hues.

Our eyes were built to take it all, and our minds love to obsess

over the ways the wavelengths play with the curves that they caress.

So don't starve your photoreceptors, let them do their duty,

tinting your reality to bring out spectral beauty.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.