A sunrise of color and musical shapes


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When the night is over and I surrender my last snore,

before I start the day, I have to go to war.

It's a judo match on my mattress every morning,

because my blankets like to pin me down with no warning.

I kick off the corner so I can get a foot free

and I pull up the pillow tucked under my knee,

I toss to the left but then I get wrapped up

by a sheet hiding in the mix so my other foot is stuck.

The mind games begin to interfere with my mission,

pillow looking soft and warm, beckoning submission,

just a minute or 10 more of sleep couldn't hurt..

alarm clock stops the seduction with a red alert!

Twisting and tussling, building up the motivation

to introduce between me and the covers some separation.

Stressing over all the stuff that I have to do today,

but staying in bed only keeps it that way.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.