Desert Sunset

A burning, vibrant sunset over a desert horizon, full of color


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Scattered against matter that ends up in the way
The frequencies that we perceive every single day
all emit from one well lit churning burning fire ball
without it's fury I am worried we wouldn't see at all.
So every night when it sinks down below the horizon
I like to watch to make sure I have my eyes on
the last rays of illumination as they disappear
to catch a few more colors before the dark gets near.
The stars try their hardest to brighten up the black
and the moon glows too when it doesn't turn it's back.
But in the shadow of the planet, I only see shades
of the hues I make use of in wonderful ways.
So I bathe in LCD beams and dream through RGB nights
until the window gleams with full spectrum sunlight.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.