Garden Globe

A verdant orb in bloom


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Most of the SK10 station had that cold, sterile feel that was so familiar to space travelers. Clean, flat, minimal, and utterly boring. While most of the crew like to find entertainment in the holo-theater or playing drinking games in the lounge, it was the terrarium that Cal found himself drawn too. All the soil and plants were safely contained in crystal spheres so their delicate environments could be maintained. Someday, when the terraforming has progressed enough down on the surface, these spheres will be the start of new forests, gardens, and human sustaining biomes. But for now, each is in it's own bubble where the ship's botanists keep them in perfect health. Cal tried to imagine standing in a place with no plastic paneling, no polished metal, just dirt and brush and trees and flowers in every direction. In the old holos, sometimes a character would reach down and pluck a flower right out of the ground, just to give it to someone. No one freaked out, because the things grew all over. Cal liked to imagine holding a flower, how would the petals feel? Soft, cold, tingly? He knew better than to try to open one up, but he could feel mother nature yearning to stretch her legs. He'd be covering life science in the academy next cycle, and Su-yon the botanist said if he does well she'll show him to operate some of the gardening sims. She said "You've got a green thumb, but no dirt to stick it in!!"

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.