Goblin Trading

A star shaped burst with intricate, laced arms spiraling out in red and yellow.


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If you give a goblin a cookie, you get a rookie card back

but if you come around with brownies it comes signed so keep track.

Goblins got a goofy system of bartering for goods

and they're gonna call it fair whether or not you think they should.

Offer two mangoes, a sword, plus three bales of hay

they'll hand you enchanted jewelry, every single day.

Keep your coins for humans, dwarves, and embarrassed elves,

the goblins have little use for money among themselves.

I traded fish for footwear, and hocked some hair for some dinner,

I swapped some rocks for some socks and came out a winner.

Try to roll with it, don't get confused

cause it's the best place in the city for a pair of shoes.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.