Juliaflower Blossom Tea

a trippy paisley bloom

"Don't look away, silly, the point is to watch" Jessica said.

"Oops!" Sarah laughed at herself. She looked down into her cup. "Oh.. wow."

The petals of the Juliaflower Blossom unfurled and dissolved, sublimating into impossibly intricate patterns and swirls. "I've never seen anything so pretty.. at least not in a cup. Are you sure it's safe to drink?"

Jessica smiled knowingly, "Yes, I've done it plenty. You don't want to drink it all the time, but it's fun every once in a while."

"Is it going to make everything look like what's in my cup? That's pretty intense.."

"It's not like that really, especially because I trimmed off all the stem. But it will make colors move around a little in your eyes. It's more about what it does to your mind."

"And what's that?" Sarah asked.

"Well, you watched the blossom open up and become something beautiful right? Your mind does that. It blooms, shakes its structures, and finds a new beautiful way to be. OK. It's time. Bottom's up."