Jupiter's Feast

A moon crashing into the storms of Jupiter


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It may seem far away, I know

but today Jupiter betrayed Io,

Europa, and Ganymede

electing it was time to feed

on carefree cousin Callisto, poor Callisto.

At first it might not bother you,

after all what could you do

to impair or interfere

with affairs of the spheres?

You might not even miss, oh poor Callisto.

But grab a nerd and pull them near

ask about the math and hear

how the apparent force involved

no calculator seems to solve

and wonder just what gripped a hold of poor Callisto.

What else might fall within the reach

when the titan decides to feast?

Will Earth and Mars become a snack?

Or are we lucky to be far back

from the monster planet picking on poor Callisto.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.