Planetary Hatchery

the place where planets are born


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The Rynna operated the local planet farm. They specialized in radiation shielded and semi-aquatic planets. But for the right clientele they'd occasionally produce more exotic designs like dark matter spheres, fuel orbs, and gigacrystal palace. The price was suitably astronomical, but one peculiar clause in the contract was the source of much discussion. The Rynna refused to negotiate on this point: Any system with a Rynna planet in orbit must also have a planetary body capable of supporting a Rynna city. They claimed it was necessary to maintain proximity so they could perform maintenance and repairs on the purchased planet. But a city isn't full of only engineers, so in this manner the Rynna spread their population and culture while building a vast network of outposts, and managed to convince everyone else to pay for it.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.