A mountain shape steaming with wiggly tendrils of sunlight.


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I don't tend to finish games, TV shows or book trilogies
I have aversion to things ending, but I see the futility.
I may not have ended my time in the plot where I should,
but that doesn't mean where I end it any kind of good.
I know Ender met the Piggies and his kiddies had trouble
but I couldn't tell you whether or not they overcame the struggle.
Out in the Outer Worlds I told Parvati she should go for it,
but I haven't loaded the game since to see what she has to show for it.
Kovacs stalks the plot while he changes carbon on TV
but I followed his brain halfway into book number three.
Speaking of cyberpunk, the Fractal Prince might be a god,
but as much as I loved that mystery somehow I forgot
to finish up. I'm fessing up, this is a pretty silly habit.
There's a litany or lore left behind and while I'm at it
I have about a dozen project marked "In progress" in my head
that only get a little focus right as I'm slipping off to bed.
These loose ends turn into dead ones around the same time as myself,
maybe it's time to pull a couple of these down from off the shelf.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.