This Is Flat

A marble with swirling ribbons and shapes swimming around a twisted pillar.


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I'm topographically bound, I don't leave the ground,

I'm a line you can find just lying around.

I can take a turn or curve, but I can't cross my path

And I hail from a land that's known for being flat.

Met A. Square once, he had something to show me,

Tried to lift me up so that he could roll me.

I split pretty quick, I like my dimension

I prefer the plane. Besides, did I mention?

I'm under everything important, call me an underwriter,

And if you got a sled I'll call you a line rider.

Don't decide to divide me, that's downright ridiculous

I prefer to keep my state wholly contiguous

Ambiguous I'm not, I'm quite clear about

how one side is in and the other side is out.

I define the field, I show where the color goes

and I can catch some fish when the river flows.

Don't call me Ray, this ends with a point,

the way I live doesn't disappoint.

Thoughts between dots, this is my praxis

no need for knots, I'll stick to my axis.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.