A Rare Encounter, pt. 1

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The kraken escaped the crew, and with the horrendous storm that accompanied it the captain wasn't convinced there was any good footage. He could already hear the mocking voices waiting for him at Sunders Point, "Captain Bragsley, back again with tucked tail and more hot air about the beast!" Those buffoons wouldn't see the devil if he introduced himself as Lucifer! Still, to have just a bit of hard proof would sooth the burns of a life spent ridiculed. "Should I set up a camera tonight, captain?" a ship hand asked. "It's been 4 days, I don't have a feeling she's close by anymore."

With a sigh, Bragsley ran the numbers in his head. They had enough raw film to keep running camera until they made it to port, but what good is hours of footage of the waves? "Perhaps you're right, Mariah. Let's give the eyes a break tonight, and save ourselves the disappointment." She nodded in agreement, but something in her eyes told him she was hoping for him to.. have hope? All the nights spent convincing the crew with tall tales and taller drinks to join him echoed in his ears as the all to familiar sting of resignation settled in.

Hours passed without notice, staring at an empty, dark sea. Bragsley began to daydream, as he often did, about all the wondrous, monstrous, and mystical creatures that must be hiding just under the surface. He imagined leviathans with huge tails that created the currents as they swam through the deep. He envisioned shining tentacles dangling from some unfathomable squid. He could almost see it's appendages trailing along behind it. Then, suddenly, the creature halted and scurried off in another direction. Realizing his eyes weren't deceiving him, he bellowed "Mariah, Thomas, Jun Pak! MAN ALL THE EYES! We've found something, crew, and we aren't letting it get away this time!"

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