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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Maybe the anchor's chain started rusting a while ago,

but it's not until it breaks that you really, truly know

the violent, salty waves and psychotic bitter winds

that take you far away from familiar shores again.

Sandcastles forsaken, beauty built but left to crumble,

Rising tides can surprise and make the tallest towers tumble.


Open waters burn the hottest within an open heart,

and the swells will tempt your vessel to splinter apart.

No good to lay out sail when the wind is wielding knives,

and the thunder fills your ears while lightning fills the skies.

Even if you hold on tight until you get to see the stars,

you'll be smiling from in between some freshly healing scars.


And if you keep from wincing and hold on to your smile,

it will start to fit back on your face in a while.

It will always hurt a little, but it won't always hurt this much.

It won't always bleed, but it will be tender to the touch.

Cupid's stitches on your heart is a testament of

the time you opened up and proved you can find love.

So for now furl sails, but don't scuttle the ship,

this wild weather is just the start of your next big trip.

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