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This design was originally published with the following lore:

You should play in a band. It doesn't have to be a good band, and it definitely doesn't need to be a popular one. But it should be a band that enjoys playing together. If you entertain other people along the way, that's great, but you should do this for your future, dead self. When we finish this life, before we move to the next thing, we get to spend some time reviewing our time here. But all the curtains are peeled away, and you're no longer bound to the limited perceptions you had in life. You get to know the answers to all the questions, you and you get to see your life in full context. It's a bewildering experience, and a deeply rewarding one, but something special happens when you review the parts of your life where you interact with others.

You get to see and feel and understand the whole interaction from their perspective as well as your own. You get to fully comprehend everything they carried with them into it, and how they felt afterwards as vividly as if you'd experienced it yourself. You get to laugh twice at a good joke. You get to feel all of the pleasure you've shared with a lover. And if you heed my advice, you'll get to play every part in a band. That's pure magic. You get to feel the groove develop from every participant at once, and when you take it all in, the overlapping thoughts and focus of the band members coalesces into something greater. A temporary shared meta-consciousness, a band mind. It's a construction that humans can create, but only barely perceive. When you feel the guitar catch the hint from the drummer that the vocals are about to twist in a new way, and the whole ensemble moves as one, that's the band mind manifesting its will.

During your post-life review, when you take in the perspective of the band mind, you get to hear all the music you played in a new way, and these become the life experiences you share with others in the place that comes next. Everyone gets experiences, some people get there with wonderful catalogs of films or shows, others have hilarious stories about the peculiarities of life, some have incredible views of beautiful vistas they've traveled too, and all of these are treasured. There is something unique and novel about each band mind, so even two bands playing the same song create different experiences to collect.

There is a powerful feeling of pride when you recognize the value of the experiences you've brought, they are the building blocks of the post-life culture. And it's even better when that value comes from the good times you've had with good friends. This is the eternal richness that the wise seek, and a band is an investment account. So go, join a band, make some music, and don't worry about what it costs in this life. Get proper rich, and have fun doing it.

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