Cloud Helm

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Vinz didn't really mean for the godmask to happen. There was a small bug in the simulation that imparted a tiny bit of force when he moved the typically intangible, invisible godhead. The idea was that he should be able to poke his head into the sim and look around to see how the population is doing without being detected. But with the bug, he'd mess with the atmosphere just a little as he floated around his sandbox world. The resulting vapors made for a colorful burst of color and cloud that trailed behind him. He didn't even notice it at first, a god rarely needs to turn around to look back. It wasn't until he began seeing the rainbow cloud helm appear in artwork throughout the various cultures of the population. Seeing the same shape represented so frequently piqued his curiosity, and he soon realized they were painting the evidence of his observation. While they didn't have any real clue about their simulated nature, the concept of a creator observing them was pretty widespread, leading to the name "godmask". At that point, he couldn't just fix the bug without causing cultural shock. He decided to just let it become a part of this simulation. The population got to know when he was looking, for better and for worse. Of course, he gave himself a toggle the fix so he could sneak peeks unseen, but he found very little motivation to use it. He loved the way they'd smile and wave as he turned his gaze to them, and enjoyed seeing all the wild ways their imaginations gave order to his appearance.

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