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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Cracking keys in the morning, suddenly it's night

Code is compiling but it doesn't run right

There's a bug in the fix for the bug that we nixed

and the bits are flipping out when they get written to disk.

Functions are funky, server status sporadic

the warning dialogs are downright polychromatic.

While I'm at it, I might have had too many caffeines

Because I can't figure out what this math symbol means?

In fact, the syntax seems to be a little blurred

I don't think these letters really spell any known words

in any language I've used, and I'm even more confused

'cause I was the one who wrote this script a little bit before noon.

Are those letters on the move? Looks like they're trading places

binary square dances throughout my whitespaces.

Do you think if I let them, they'll find the right location

and fix the glitch on their own without further manipulation?

Seems more likely that I need to check my head.

I better save and shutdown, bumble away to bed.

Hard crash into the covers, but you know it isn't fair

because that's about the time I finally diagnose the error.

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