Elephant Mind

Stylized with Deep Dream Generator
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Think big, call it small, then try to think bigger still,
think thoughts so large they can't help but spill
out into the world and leave it tinted a new color
cause we can paint this planet if we work together.
My pockets are close to empty but I have a couple pounds of thoughts
and a storage unit where I fill up box after box
and a five dollar lock to make it look safe,
I'm not really paying for protection, just need the space
because my head filled up when I was like 23
and I rely on devices to remind me of memories.
It seems to me that when we sleep the dreams we always see
are the shadow dance puppetry of thoughts we have too frequently.
So if you think tiny, closed thoughts, you'll have little nightmares,
but try some thicker thinking to give your dreams some open air.

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