Eye of Gaia

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Growing up in the sticks, nature was never very far

A forest behind the house, a creek winding through the yard.

It wasn't a place I had to go to, it was a place that I was from,

on the sunny side of a valley with fresh made air inside the lungs,

and water filtered by the reddest clay you've ever seen,

the kind that makes hell for the washing machine.

While I was often found more focused on a screen,

I was always peeking out the window to take in a little green.

And when it found a way though clouds, I'd chase a little sun

summer parties full of trampolines and squirt guns.

I can visit to the city for the bustle of the boulevard,

but if it's up to me I'll plant my roots out where the trees are.

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