Eye of Thorns

Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Nayana spent quite a long time doing favors for the local Druid guild before they agreed to install a portal to the Sungrove Forest. Even then, they told her it was only to be used as decoration. While transmission was possible, it would tap the local ley lines and disrupt the magical defenses the guild maintains for the cities. It could be done with planning, but the Council wouldn't put in the effort for something as mundane as a convenient travel. She hadn't dared to test this boundary, lest they remove the portal entirely. Still, she enjoyed sitting in her workshop, listening to the birds, feeling the breeze waft through. In the vicinity of the portal, it felt like being among the trees she grew up in. Occasionally she'd spot some forest local wander by, and hope they wouldn't notice her secret window. She wasn't sure what the portal looked like on the other side, but the last thing she wanted was strangers shouting into her workshop day and night. But for the most part, her portal brought her peace. Until the day where she caught it blinking. Not a flicker, not a twist, a blink with eyelids. Fear flooding her veins, her mind began to race. She thought she had been keeping an eye on the forest, but what was keeping an eye on her?

(See the portal animated here.)

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