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This design was originally published with the following lore:

I don't always get to choose, but today it's all on me

to decide upon what kind of day today turns out to be

Tuesday was troublesome, Wednesday had some worry,

so I'm charting a path away from those days in a hurry,

no fury for this Friday, I'd rather float on fetter free,

today I'm giving the cold shoulder to the grip of gravity.

My sails have caught some wind, windows openin'

so a brisk breeze of new beginnings can roll in.

Music pumping a bit too loud, but I just can't quit groovin

Got a puppy on my lap with no interest in movin'

I'm hatching a plot to get pepperoni and cheese

and the sun's peeking out in between the trees

I've got a lovely lady who likes to treat me right

and some badass buddies beggin' me to game tonight

my brain's alright, my mind is feeling inspired

the art I'm making is white hot fire

it doesn't get much better than this, I would say,

put my hands up to celebrate it's a damn good day. ‍

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