Fragile Bear

Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

In her private gallery, Yvonne curated an impressive collection of art and sculpture. While it was little in comparison to the aristocratic mansion showcases she was hired to furnish, the pieces on her shelves each spoke to her soul, inspired her mind, and brought her joy and wonder. The Orbs of Mumbai took her back to the monsoon she spent holed up with schoolchildren. Shinnae's Regret was a reliable way to open the valves to a tearful catharsis. Pebble I Lost still made her smile with it's mirthful, but technically brilliant, subversion of materials art. But while she could get lost in all of them, there was one her eyes always found their way to when her mind wandered. Fragile Bear, a brilliant fusion of glass and light that expressed fierce strength with crystal clear delicacy. An ursine totem erupting with power and energy, illuminated by an inner glow, but defined in form by thin, fragile glass. She was taken by the way the brittle glass served to bring the inner light to life, and thought the power of the piece was in the way it overcame its limitations to be beautiful. But it wasn't until she purchased the piece and began the careful process of bringing it home that the art gave up it's secret to her: This power and beauty was as real as anything in her gallery, but it could only persist with the intentional, deliberate care of someone who truly understood it's tenuous balance. Carrying Fragile Bear across the room and placing it in it's new home was a thrilling, terrifying course in stewardship, and over the years several decisions had been influenced by the desire not to risk another move. For all her tender care and consideration, the piece continued to project it's powerful presence in her gallery, and in her soul, a trade that she valued deeply, even if it was only as strong as the glass it was built with.

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