Goblin Market

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

I went down to the goblin market a couple days ago,

I traded stinky gourds, beaded cords and ribbon bows

for some tinkerer's new toys, trinkets and machines,

some are simple spellwork, others are a bit more keen.

This lock will only open if I'm in a happy mood,

I use it to secure a stockpile of my favorite food

so that I don't waste it when I'm too down to taste it,

and speaking of that, they sold me this paste

which I rub on my tongue, my fingers start to itch

but I can play a perfect melody and sing a perfect pitch.

For a bit, just a bit, don't want to over do it.

There was a time any time a 'gob had a glob I would chew it

but one time it left me shadowboxing with some dopey devils

and a swift sucker punch taught me to learn to keep the level.

I hustled for a hexed out all yellow hoola-hoop,

listen, it makes a funky jangle as you swell and swoop

around, I love the sound, reminds me of summer grills

and warm orange red sunsets and other happy feels.

A vendor with some splendor set me smiling out the door

with this little machine, but I don't know what it's for.

It beeps every now and then, I think I ought to feed it,

but if it came with a manual, I forgot to read it.

This bauble that I bartered for bakes a single bean,

Always turns out so tasty, it's more useful than it seems,

never know when friendly fae will find favor to visit

but when you cook for them they will find it exquisite.

If you go searching for something, you won't find it anywhere

at the goblin market, they sell only wonders there.

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