Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Parties are good for making connections, but I prefer to be making memories.

Moments together blossom in to gardens and I kinda depend on these

in the times when my mind is flooded with sorrow and self doubt

I take shelter in a memory and hope to keep the darkness out.

So those nights when we stayed up laughing so hard we both had tears,

are the inside to a joke I'll be telling myself for years.

The punchline doesn't grow stale, I catch the smile from your face.

I gather tinder from your giggles, and a spark from your embrace

and I build a little campfire with it so we can warm up when we visit.

A space and time confined by minds of friends is not defined by minutes.

If we exist, it will persist. Don't miss me, come and find me there.

I'm always in your mind up there, above your tongue, below the hair.

When you need to hide, retreat inside, come hang with your inner me.

We can kick back, relax and laugh and help you snatch back some energy.

And next time we meet, a friendly hug will help us sync back up

and pass on all the happiness our gardens have been racking up.

It's stacking up to be a bit, we still can't quite hang out just yet,

but when we do, let's do something neither of us will forget.

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