Hate is a Virus

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Before the rumors get too out of control

And all the blog sites explain that I'm the asshole

I think that you should hear it from my point of view,

if you approve, so you can deduce the truth.

I won't lie, I was found bloody in the park,

Heaving, sobbing, standing stark naked in the dark.

They heard me screaming "You will not defeat me!"

And that's the scene that they will sell you to beat me.

At my feet there was a fallen man.

Later on I hear his name was Stan.

Stan was stopped dead, and wasn't coming back.

So handcuffs and Miranda and I'm thrown in the back.

I know, it sound bad, but before you get mad

There's a couple more details I'd like to add.

See, Stan wasn't quite the same as me and you.

The color of the bloodstains wasn't red, it was blue.

Alien or demon, he wasn't what he seemed

And he was up to no good, he had plots and schemes.

Machines with laser beams that make you think stupid things.

Like "Be scared of and mean to your fellow human beings."

I don't really know how many people he infected.

But his invective was viral, and his tech perfected.

I saw when he made a family tear itself apart.

And his smile got bigger with every broken heart.

And his notes that I stole say he wasn't finished yet.

He learned how to get his message running wild on the internet.

So be careful where you click, that next webpage

might deploy a hack on your brain and send you into a rage.

There is no cure, the only solution is to be aware.

If the story makes you scared, don't click share.

If the news makes you hate people you're never met,

it's a neurovirus! Get it out of your head!

I thought killing him would stop him, but now I think it's too late.

The world is being overrun with paranoia and hate.

I may have won this battle at the cost of my soul,

But he'll win the war from the grave if we don't take back control.

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