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This design was originally published with the following lore:

In case it's been a little while

and you've been lonely and confined,

have a hug from my collection

to keep them fresh in mind.

This hug here is from a friend

who's been gone for far too long,

it has the rush of reconnection,

and the reminder that you belong.

This one comes from gentle arms

with a feathery soft embrace,

the kind that always comes below

a precious smiling face.

This one's from a close buddy,

as a hugger they are no slouch,

it feels even more familiar than

their presence on your couch.

Here's a hug I borrowed from

a wonderful professional

who taught "being held is therapy"

in our sacred little confessional.

Careful when you open this one,

it's brittle and mostly tatters,

within, the warmest grandpa hug

and I think that's all that matters.

Hugs from happy strangers,

hugs made to comfort sorrows,

hugs that meant "I'm scared"

and hugs hopeful for tomorrow.

Hugs from little hands,

hugs from friends with paws,

hugs from all around the world,

I collect them each and all.

Pick the hugs you like the most

and squeeze them to your chest.

Close your eyes if you must,

but an open heart works best.

These hugs may not quite have

the grip and grab you crave

but with a little imagination

they will get you through today.

Take all you need, there's plenty

I ask for no remuneration.

But when it's safe to come and visit,

I'll gladly take fresh hug donations.

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