Lag Spike

Stylized with Deep Dream Generator
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

We think of lag as a slowing, in the data that is flowing

down the wires with our desires, while our ping is quickly growing.

But as often as it's not, it's actually a loss

some data dropped off, got tossed by a boss

router or just lost power while trying to transmit.

You're trying to submit but the electrons called it quits.

This happens all the time, more than you might suspect

but we ought to tip our hats to the engineers with respect,

because every packet gone missing has another packet behind it

if the client misses it the first time, there's another to remind it

and another after that, and more ready in the queue

they keep firing the same message, until it makes it through

and a signal bounces back confirming "Message received,

we got that chunk of data, we're ready to proceed."

Humans are pretty clever, upon closest inspection,

we bend light to talk and laugh over an imperfect connection.

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