Lonely Pride

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I'd be lying if I told you I'm full of pride,
but it's not a lie that I have a little inside.
Parts of my life are still up in the air
I don't know where I'm going, just that I'm not there
But if you strip away the fear over love and salary
you'll see I have a lot of pride in my gallery!
I don't wield hate when I create so I love what comes out
And once in a while, a stranger's smile is what its all about.
Even if they're fleeting, and even if they're cold
Those instants of connection are what I always hold
on the nights when the doubt comes creeping around
and I barely have the energy to get off the ground.
I wander through what I've built with eyes full of tears
and remind myself these are still my best years.
Sustaining myself on the feelings I transcribed
and remembering how good it feels to feel alive.

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