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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Sunset over rising tide, the week had been a bore,

'til Jacob saw the tentacle rising just beyond the shore.

He was walking alone, but still he shouted and looked around

but there were no other eyes to witness the madness he had found.

It thrashed about for a moment, as if angry at the sky

but if there was a reason for it, Jacob couldn't figure why.

Then, as quickly as it had arrived it disappeared,

no roar or ripple to suggest there was anything weird.

Jacob wondered what could happen if he ran out to take a dip

whether he'd catch a better view, or get caught in the grip.

But while his mind was racing, his feet refused to move

his body deciding for him there was too much left to lose.

So he watched for hours as the stars began to glow,

and wondered about the mysteries lurking down below.

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