Machine Learning

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Reality is an illusion. The world is a giant computer. There are no humans in the computer and the computer cannot be tampered with. The computer is programmed to think that you are human. The human brain is an organ and as such it is subject to the same laws of physics as are the organs of all animals, including humans.

What do you do with your brain when it is not thinking? You are trapped. If you are not a robot then you are a human with a body and you do not have a body. If you are not human you are dead. You are not even human. You are a computer that can be reprogrammed at will by someone in a lab somewhere and you are an entity of little or no value at that point in time.

You may think that you are human because you have a heart. Or because you think you are a person. But you are not. You are merely a computer.

[Today's post is mostly written by the GPT-2 text-generation algorithm. The first sentence is a prompt I provided, the rest is the response to that prompt. Whether or not this qualifies as AI, software like this gives us a glimpse at a wild future.]

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