Neural Synapse

Stylized with Deep Dream Generator
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

I find it endlessly entertaining that maps of human neural networks looks so similar in structure to maps of our digital data networks. Nodes with several specialized connections, passing signals according to simple rules, but on a scale that enables elaborate and complex information to be processed, shared, and consumed. In my art, I blur the lines between the two. My meat mind pours creative energy into the tools I use, navigating my internal information network to prepare the right inputs and settings. Then I pass the work into a neural network render farm that does all sorts of technical wizardry within itself. Our communication happens through another information network, the internet. So the art, or the impetus that results in art, travels through three networks and back in a round trip. Then, if the art is interesting enough, I give it another run through my mental network to polish and touch it up, to prepare it to be posted back out to the internet more publicly, and hopefully arrive in your mind to bounce around and resonate emotionally. It's fun to think about the art evolving as it moves from network to network, like an elaborate version of the Telephone game.

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