Party Particles

Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Too much commotion, we'll all get sick
let's cool it down and slow down for a tick.
I'm no worry wart, but I prefer proper policy
so let's wrap up the chapter in this part of the anthology
Get sincere with your scrubs like your favorite doctor Dorian
and do it every time like doing donuts in DeLoreans.
Hold back on the hugs, I know that it's hard
but you show that you care when you wave from afar.
If you have to go out, keep your focus and your space
get the stuff you need, leave the surplus in its place.
Don't erase from your mind the people in your community
It may be time to stand apart, but also time for unity.
Immunity is earned, but it's not guaranteed,
don't believe every headline spreading through your feed.
It's not a hoax, or an attack or a conspiracy
it's a natural epidemic so please take it seriously.
When it's all over, we'll do something quite remarkable
and get back to bouncing around like a bunch of party particles.

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