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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Before the thought manifests within the confines of your brain,

does it exist in another form, out on some astral plane?

Does it come from there to visit, take roost behind your eyes?

Or is it a made by your grey matter, wholly synthesized?

When someone thinks it first, do you borrow it from them?

Are they broadcasting energy on a channel you can tune in?

What about when a crowd has the same thought all at once?

Like giving an ovation or chuckling at a dunce?

Do each mind take charge of its own internal calibration?

Or do we lean on each other as a social collaboration?

And if I have a thought that I write down into a poem,

then paint into a canvas, and hang it in my home,

and visitors read it silently as they pass it by,

who carries the thought: the painting, the guest, or I?

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