Ring Worlds

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Perception colors reality, but doesn't define it,

unless it does, in which case, I really wouldn't mind if

I could use my mind make things just a little different,

Hold off on the pitch forks, I don't mean to be irreverent.

I don't want to be a god, that responsibility is a miss for me.

but what if it wasn't whim but some desire with intensity?

If I wished hard enough, there'd be enough root beer,

and pizza for all, but onions might disappear.

Just kidding, you can keep 'em, just off my tongue, please.

But I could get down with pepperoni and cheese!

I'd build a fleet of robots that and hire a bunch of chefs

the kind that know the dough and the ingredients the best

to teach the bots to make the pizza and then give em out for free

in all varieties so everyone can eat as they please.

It might take a bit to do it, but I'd help the planet chill,

I want it to be a home for a thousand generations, still,

that's an easy thing to say, and a harder thing to do,

let me wish up a little extra time to think it through.

In the mean time, let's try a little smaller,

I'd go to the parks and wish for the kids to feel baller,

let them slam dunks, land tricks, and make plays,

and learn to put those smiles out on display.

I'd wish students luck on their tests, but I confess

I'm wishing for them to get a chance to show off and impress.

I'd make the buses free, electric and dependable

so it isn't so hard to visit with your friends and I'll

fix up the pot holes, and patch up the bridges,

so much infrastructure China will get suspicious!

But listen, wishing and praying and dreaming can be fun,

and imagination is the start of how things get done,

but it won't get us anywhere to sit around and smirk

saying how great it'll be when someone else does the work.

So dream big, but start small, and get on the grind,

because you can remake this world with the power of mind.

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