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This design was originally published with the following lore:

"Hi Jim. It's Cindy."

"Oh! Hi Cindy. How's the conference going?"

"Well, that's sorta why I'm calling. It seems like there's been a mistake."

"Oh no, what do you mean?"

"The conference is scheduled for the 22nd."

"Ok, and?"

"I know this sounds silly, but.. what day is it Jim?"

"It's the 22nd. The day of the conference, right?"

"Here in Tampa, you have to believe me Jim, it's the 15th."

"The conference was on the 15th? They misprinted the ticket?"

"No, no. Jim, the date is the 15th here. The newspapers on the stands say March 15th. My phone says it's the 15th. Everyone I ask is sure that today is March 15th."

"Cindy, that doesn't make any sense."

"I know. I got on a plane on March 21st, and landed last night in March 14th."

"I.. don't know what to say Cindy. Is there someone down there you can see? I'm worried about you."

"Jim, I know it's crazy. I called because I know you trust me enough not to hang up. I'm not on anything, I've slept just fine, literally everything about my life was normal and boring until I got off the plane and checked the date. I'm sorry to bring it up, but I'm as dead serious about this as.. that time with Veronica."

"Damn.. OK, you aren't messing with me. But what can we do? I mean, even if you're a week behind, what's your plan?"

"You know I have a meeting scheduled at the conference with that tech investor, right? That's too important to miss no matter what, so I figured I'd try to bunker down for a week and hope Tampa catches up with the rest of the world."

"That sounds like a decent start. Do you need help getting a hotel or something? Did you bring enough to get by?"

"I got myself a room, but it took most of my food money for the trip. I'm a little worried about logging in to check my bank account, you know, atemporally. So I was thinking, I know it's cliche, but.. could you check online and get me some local horse race results for tomorrow?"

"Cindy! That's.. I don't know. Isn't that illegal?"

"As far as anyone will ever see, all you did was look up the results days after they were publicly posted. I can't see how any court could convict you for reading the news."

"I guess.."

"It's probably not even going to matter, to be honest Jim. I haven't told you the strangest part yet."

"Cindy, you've told me you're stuck a week behind the rest of the world, down in Florida, and you've asked me to help you scam the horse bets, but we haven't gotten to the strangest part yet?"

"Jim.. this is the third time I've called. For me at least. It's too much to get into yet, but I promise once I get out of this I'll explain everything. But I've done this day, the 15th, a few times already."

"Like a loop? Like in a movie? This is a lot to take in Cindy. I want to help, but I don't know how to wrap my head around all of this."

"Jim, you're doing a lot by just listening and caring, OK? I've tried to talk to some other friends, but it.. it never went well. You're the only one who doesn't freak out, and I need you to keep your head for me. Please?"

"OK.. I'll try. So, if you're looping, will the money from betting help?"

"I hope. That meeting at the conference, that's the loop point. When I walk through those doors, I'm walking back off the airplane on March 14th. I need to change the nature of that encounter and find out what keeps sending me back."

"You're not talking about weapons right?"

"No! Jim, you know me better than that. The guy I'm meeting, I've figured out the party he's at the night before. If I can talk to him there instead, maybe I can make some progress. But it's not a party you just walk into. Especially not someone like me who's primary fashion statement is 'blogger'."

"I see. OK. I've got some race results pulled up. But wait, you could've figured this out on your own, right? You could've grabbed the results on your last time through the loop. You didn't strictly need me for this."

"It changes. Things are similar, but not the same. I don't know how to put it right. Luck isn't consistent. The small stuff isn't fixed in time. You're my seer, because as far as I can tell, you're in my particular future."

"Hmm.. I've never been a prophet before. Alright, you've got some good luck this time it seems. There are two big upsets you can cash out on easy. Do you have a pen?"

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