Sun Hole

Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

I'm no shining star, I might glow and of course I burn.
But I think before I light the sky I've still got a bit to learn.
The colors that I cast seem to sparkle in a couple eyes
and more often than not these days, I'm stoked to see a sun rise.
I think the furnace kicked back in, I finally feel I'm heating up
but I still don't make enough light for the food I'm eating up.
I've gathered up the matter and I've been under the pressure,
it's time to spark it off and make the most of my measure.
Call me Naota at the bat, call me Frodo with the ring,
if I cave in to fear right now it will cost me everything.
Forgive me for a minute I need to speak direct to fate,
it kinda feels like you've been peeking in my head of late.
Well my book is wide open, I only encode in rhyme,
and I hope you dig the secret gardens of my mind that you find.
The planter box is overflowing. I'm gonna need more room.
So if you're carving out a space for me, you better do it soon.
I know the unexpected is always lurking in the deck,
but I keep drawing every card, and you haven't stopped me yet.
To the people out there who are starting to reveal me,
get close to my heat, because I want you to feel me.

[Based on a fractal pong from JFishburn.]

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