Synaptic Response

Designed in jWildfire
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Think quick in the pit with a slick thought master
No trick, this wit whips quips out faster
I'll blast past every last heavy class and ask
if there's such a thing as an impassable task.
Puzzles and problems, strategy evolves
rip a riddle down the middle, solution resolves
Cross words and trivia, I swiftly solve
no matter the subject matter that gets involved.
My fine mind is behind every line
when I write rhyme and I find every time
I opine the sublime, I sparkle and shine.
In my high prime, space and time align
like reality's a channel, flowing through me
eye beam projectors, showing a movie
every detail comes across smoothly
only way I don't move you is if you move me.
Once I cracked a brainteaser over 30 years
The topic was what to do with fears
it took a lot of time, and a couple tons of tears
but I'm proud to say I'm still standing here
in defiance of doubt, I'm casting it out
and showing you all what I'm all about.
I'm on a new path, I'm rocking a new route
and I'm not holding any worries I can do without.
Hold on you your chips, I'm betting brain
I'm not just a player, I'm the maker of the game
if you don't follow, give me time to explain
because what's next may be crazy but it's not insane.

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