Three Eyes

Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

The wizard locked eyes with the abberation, daring it to approach. The prideful monstrosity obliged, shuffling it's incredible mass towards the garrison. Without doubt, the walls would not hold against such physical power. It was literally do or die time. Striking the crystal on the ground, she inhaled the arcane ether and let loose a litany of spellcraft. The color in her eyes took to the air like the smoke that billows out of a mountain before an eruption. The entire world seemed to quiet, the clinking of nervous armor and the thundering foot falls of the beast dampened and all that could be heard was the wizard's final incantations. Anguish lashed across her face, color drained from her hair, and with a soul shuddering crack the spell erupted from her aura. Wild tendrils of incomprehensible energy whipped out and seared the landscape as it raced to bind the abberation's hundred limbs. Psychic defenses lit up the sky around the behemoth, blocking and severing the arcane tendrils in a dance of a thousand hands. The tethers buckled against the lumbering beast, and just as it looked like they were going to give way, they all turned to mist. The beast stumbled, and gave the wizard her opening. The mist sharpened into icy daggers and impaled the giant. Hundreds of ethereal blades ripped and tore at the flesh of the creature before it could even find it's balance, and the sudden blood loss sent it collapsing to the floor. The towering mass crashed into the ground, and in one last act of scorn the shock wave toppled a nearby tower. The wizard collapsed, utterly drained. Her face bore the wear of decades she hadn't lived, and her breath was faint. She'd survive, and after a display like that she'll likely be a hero soon enough. But before she succumbed to slumber, she spoke one dire warning: "They hunt in packs.."

(See this fractal animated here.)

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