Venusian Lily Fruit

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

The problem with the Venusian Lily Fruit isn't just the acid swamps you have to brave to harvest it, and not just the obnoxiously long 17 terra-year bloom cycle, but it's that they smell irresistibly delicious. They must be carefully harvested and sealed in contained terrariums for shipping, because the scent of the juice is enough to tempt even the most tempered human, and even a small drop is absolutely fatal. Its application in subterfuge was obvious, but it's lethality granted it a romantic association in pop culture. "Licking the Lily" was becoming a morbidly popular way for the extraordinarily rich to meet their end with grace, because it offered a literal taste of the forbidden fruit. They would schedule them and make a whole event out of it, soaking up the attention as they gloat about being the lonely living person to know the taste. Trying desperately to deliver some poignant last remark before their mouths foamed up and they collapsed.

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