Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

If there's something space is bad for it has to be romances

but I feel like this pulsar is giving me sly glances

I transmit on a wide band "Girl, what are you about?"

She signals back "Come over, find out."

Course redirection, it's time for an inspection.

Set up a new orbit start bombarding with questions.

"Is it heavy gravity or do you have a tractor beam?

This grip that you've got on me is tighter than it seems.  

Unfold for me your mystery, I've come so far."

"Don't get too close honey, I"m a star.

You can watch but you have to stay hands free

you and your crew couldn't tolerate the heat."

Solar siren shining bright against the infinite black

an escape vector seems to be the only thing I lack.

Guess I'm just going to join the things

stuck in orbit out here making up her rings.

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