Warp Flower

Stylized with Dreamscope
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

I picked it in a forest in the Northern Frozen Woods

deep inside a twisted maze where there wasn't much good.

There was a Druidic Necromancer, we had a little bout

but I beheld this bodacious botany and warped the hell out.

The flower has the power to grant me teleportation

the only rule is I don't get to pick or know the destination.

I end up somewhere I have never ever been before

and if I don't like where I am, I just pinch the flower more.

I've been to the tops of mountains and swiped some climber's flags

I've been inside of treasure vaults wishing I'd thought to bring some bags

One time I almost wound up getting crushed and ground up

when I popped up in a mudslide and almost drowned, but

I'm quick to tickle petals and find another place to be.

Don't expect me to stick around, there's so many spaces to see.

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