Frozen Rain

Whipping tentacles of silver rain spray in stormy winds of blue and black.

Full Body Mind

A meditating monk and a thought about where thinking happens.

A Personal Mythology

A vaporwave monk with wisdom about self-perception.


A golden monk shares a secret about happiness in the neural network render based on a fractal.


Two bright blue focal points project a butterfly shaped void in an infinitely detailed fractal webbing.

Sunset Resonator

Three designs with machine-like textures and geometric accents.


An abstract yellow orb shape made out of recursive orange and blue geometric flowers.

Synthetic Universe

Hollow planetary bubbles float in a glowing nebula of soft orange and pink, against a deep blue space background.

Fire Ripples

Three renders featuring abstract topography and swirling bubbles demonstrate the wide range of a single fractal construction.

The Mystery of Shaniko, Oregon

A short stop in a tiny town revealed an unforgettable mystery.

The Sigils of Sunnyside

A puzzle adventure I designed for friends in 2022.


A glowing geometric bubble of hexagons on the left emits a beam of simple geometric shapes towards a smaller attractor on the right side, in vivid oranges, bright pinks, and rich purples.

Ask a Wizard

Calling all curious minds! Answering questions is my favorite form of magic, so ask whatever is on your mind. Ask about art, ask about storytelling, ask about technology, ask about anxiety, ask about life, ask about magic, ask about love. From the serious to the silly, the practical to the philosophical, the simple to the strange, I'll answer any question asked in good faith.

If you submit a question, you're giving me permission to send you an email in response to it. I will not use the provided email for marketing purposes, or sell it to any third-parties. Please only submit one question per day, if you want to have a more involved conversation, send me an e-mail or find me on Discord.
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