Hard Vapor

An impossibly complicated flower shape bursting from a bright bud in the center. Bright, vibrant pinks and oranges, with purple and blue undertones.

The Fae Courts

A four part series charting the procession of the seasonal courts of the fae.

The Authentication Ritual

A tour of modern technomancy.


A vibrant, surreal eye in bold oranges, reds and yellows.

Ask Sometimes

There's a special power to learning to speak your desires.

Gorgon's Guest

It must get lonely being a mythical monster. But perhaps there's room for surprises, too.

Special Bits

When the humans are gone, data collection takes on a new meaning.

Soul Server

Dark blue tendrils swarm towards a neon green central funnel shape where human-shaped souls are processed and sent on their way.

You Are Not Your Character Sheet

Words aren't enough to explain you.

Taking It In

A lush and vibrant abstract eye looks out at the hazy patterns of reality in purple and yellow tones.


A weave of fibrous orange ribbons wrapped into a double spiral pattern against a soft, spacey background.

Ask a Wizard

Calling all curious minds! Answering questions is my favorite form of magic, so ask whatever is on your mind. Ask about art, ask about storytelling, ask about technology, ask about anxiety, ask about life, ask about magic, ask about love. From the serious to the silly, the practical to the philosophical, the simple to the strange, I'll answer any question asked in good faith.

If you submit a question, you're giving me permission to send you an email in response to it. I will not use the provided email for marketing purposes, or sell it to any third-parties. Please only submit one question per day, if you want to have a more involved conversation, send me an e-mail or find me on Discord.
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