The Complicated Line between Art and Artificial

A visual artist's perspective on the oncoming age of generator art.

Space Princess

A shimmering purple fractal orb resonates with orange lines of energy, channelled into a focal point on either side.

Sea Signal

A mandala of dots and blocky geometric waves, in blue, orange, and purple.

Quadruple Jeopardy

Did you see that really strange episode of Jeopardy?

Fresh Eyes

A glowing orange orb hovers in a bubble surrounded by a curvy green background cut by a wavy yellow ribbon.


A brilliant yellow sun with a woven, geometric core emits smaller photons of a similar construction against a wavy blue sky.


Glowing cubes in orange, red, and purple hues stack in impossible ways, cut by a wave of energy through the middle.

Hard Vapor

An impossibly complicated flower shape bursting from a bright bud in the center. Bright, vibrant pinks and oranges, with purple and blue undertones.

The Fae Courts

A four part series charting the procession of the seasonal courts of the fae.

The Authentication Ritual

A tour of modern technomancy.


A vibrant, surreal eye in bold oranges, reds and yellows.

Ask a Wizard

Calling all curious minds! Answering questions is my favorite form of magic, so ask whatever is on your mind. Ask about art, ask about storytelling, ask about technology, ask about anxiety, ask about life, ask about magic, ask about love. From the serious to the silly, the practical to the philosophical, the simple to the strange, I'll answer any question asked in good faith.

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